Money Of The Future
Results of 2012 / Trends for 2013
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Key trend: Mobile first

Mobile acquiring: from transactions to CRM and lead generation

Digital wallets from IT-giants: when Apple & Google will finally open their banks?

Bank 3.0: online, relations, social networks, gamification

Mobile banks: forget about banks, if you have an iPhone

Payment systems and services: away with oligopoly of Visa, MasterCard, AmEx & PayPal!

Personal finance: from accounting for the whole family to segmentation and financial planning

Web money: expanding offline

Facebook financial experiments: is it possible to integrate a bank into a social network?

Collective investment schemes: from crowdfunding to crowdinvesting

P2P: the rapid growth in the days of distrust in traditional banks

Online consumer lending: how to receive a loan while visiting online stores?

Financial social networks: from speculations to communication and investment ideas

Aggregators: a crusade against cards

B2B: missed opportunities

Love for money: the integration of loyalty services and finance

T-commerce + ME-Commerce = personalization at the tablet level