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Results of 2015 / Trends for 2016Results of 2015 / Trends for 2016
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15 Major FinTech Trends in 2015
“Uber moment” for financial industry
FinTech 2015 in numbers
The fintech landscape according to Mohit Mehrotra
mPOS-acquiring as an ecosystem for SME-clients
The role of fintech in the retail revolution:
Tablet-based cash registers, POS-management systems, pre-orders
Stripe and competitors in online-acquiring
Neo- and challenger banks are coming
E-Wallets: game of giants
Online-loans for students
P2B- & SME-online-loans and factoring
Fintech for unbanked: why financial inclusion matters
Stepping stone to Financial inclusion
Big data and online-scoring: to fintech and beyond
Crowdfunding: inventors and charity
Crowdinvesting as alternative for SME- and p2b- lending
WhatsWeFaceTelKaLiVibeSnap Pay: comparison of messengers’ payment functions
Fintech for millennials
15 useful personal financial management services
Fintech for SMEs: payroll, accounting, etc.
4 best cases of the O2O-economy in action
Online-trading and wealth management
Bitcoin, rip. Blockchain is sexy
Fintech’s expanding influence
7 flavours of fintech in insurance
8 Reasons To Buy a FinTech Startup
Banks in fintech: date the nerds or be the nerd?
Bank-as-service: common play of banks and Fintech
Keeping the FinTech castle safe
Venture Debt: your next source of finance?
Cashless society and fintech hubs
Singapore — the FinTech gateway to Asia
150 Fintech writers you should follow