Money Of The Future
Results of 2013 / Trends for 2014
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Introduction: 2013 — the year of forecasts that held up

News of the venture firm Life.SREDA

Finovate, Money2020 & Money of the Future: results and trends highlited by Life.SREDA

Why invest in fintech startups? Key development strategies of financial innovations

mPOS-acquiring: Square announces a 2014 IPO! Which competitors will it acquire?

T-finance: how are tablets transforming POS solutions?

Crowdfunding is evolving towards crowdinvesting and trying to find demand outside USA

PFM is actively growing in the direction of PFP, gamification and narrow segmentation

Bitcoin’s explosive growth frightens even those who have never heard about it

E-commerce requires simpler and more convenient online acquiring instruments

Payments and transfers want to be as easy as a Skype call

p2p lending wants to break away from the subprime segment and gain popularity on new markets

Online microlending depends on the development of BIG DATA

«Mobile first» banks are fostering a new generation of financial services

E-wallets: can PayPal’s success be imitated in other countries?

Giants at play: Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook have been promising an e-finance revolution for 2 years. Is it already here?

Blue ocean: SME services

Shopping and loyalty: the demise of a once popular trend

Traders social networks are trying to change speculative technical trading

Life.SREDA Portfolio Companies