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LifePay Announces iboxPro Acquisition And Launches As LifePay Global, Set To Process $40M Monthly

9 февраля 2015

LifePay — Russia’s largest mPOS service — enters the Asian market. LifePay acquired iboxPro, one of Asia’s leading mPOS services. It will use iboxPro as a base to build the top mPOS company in Southeast Asia.

Asian mPOS service iboxPro operates in the Vietnamese (population — 92M), Indonesian (252M) and Thai (67M) markets. LifePay and iboxPro are merging to create a new company, LifePay Global, with its headquarters in Singapore. The LifePay Global services will be available in four countries: Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Russia. The company officially launches on February 10 in London, at Finovate fintech conference.
The principal shareholder of LifePay is international venture capital firm Life.SREDA.

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