The Life.SREDA VC firm was established about 3 years ago. We focus only on FinTech. Previously we have been based in Moscow and since Q2 2015 we relocated to Singapore. Life.SREDA VC — an international FinTech venture capital — has recently relocated to Singapore and is very active in the Asian FinTech space now. It’s one of three independent FinTech-only VC firms in the world that is very famous for successful investments in FinTech global stars, such as Simple, Moven, Fidor, SumUp, Anthemis and others (two of their start-ups – Rocketbank and Knopka – were recently highlighted by Wired magazine in TOP100 hottest startups).

Life.SREDA is becoming more and more active in Singapore FinTech area. The company has just invested in a local FinTech-star Fastacash and also launched a Singapore-based FinTech post-seed accelerator «InspirAsia» with first 8 companies selectedfor it. Life.SREDA sponsors the leading global FinTech events — Finovate (San Jose, New York, London) andMoney2020 (Las Vegas). We also hold the annual FinTech conference in Moscow, called as well Money of the Future — and invite the speakers like Richard Branson (Virgin).

Life.SREDA VC have a unique corporate culture. We have visited Tony Hseih (Zappos.com) to exchange the experience with his employees. Many FinTech professionals know Life.SREDA as an experienced expert and the main advocate of the industry because of its world-famous annual research «Money of the Future». We publish our annual FinTech research – Money of the Future. You can download current (2014\15) as pdf or read about it on FinExtra. This research was published not only in English and Russian, but in Mandarin Chinese as well. Vladislav Solodkiy – Managing Partner of the firm — writes a lot about the industry at the firm’s own media platform FintechRanking.com. He has just published a very thoughtful and inspiring article about his vision of how Singapore may become an international FinTech hub.