The Good Guys
Will Make It Happen!

Life.SREDA is a growth-stage fintech VC fund based in Singapore
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Girls power: why do girls have to start coding?
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Why are we the good guys?
We participate in Series A and B rounds
We do not require the majority interest. Our share in equity depends on the amount of investment and the project development stage
We establish a long-term partnership with startups
We integrate startups in a single ecosystem, when each independent and unique service becomes a part of a unified customer journey
We help to find a new potential for your idea and support in strategy and vision development
We uprise the products to global standards and help with the global market expansion
We help to find tech, business, financial and VC partners from our global network and bridge fundraising from other VCs
We publish world-known fintech research «Money of the Future» and conduct annual fintech conference «Money of the Future», which attracts banking and financial industry specialists, venture investors, developers, startupers and others industry influencers
What do we have for the good guys?
Knowledge and expertise
Infrastructure and back-office
Global network of VC and bank partners
World’s best agile/scrum practices
Marketing & PR assistance
Pitch at the world’s best fintech events
The strategic partnership with Anthemis Group provides access to global markets and the world's best expertise in the sphere of financial services